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Christmas Gifts for 11-yr-old Girls

Christmas gifts for 11-year-old girls 

Updated: 6 Dec 2016

I'm an aunt to 3 nieces and they're growing up really fast and they are tween girls now. 

I enjoy shopping for girls. My five-year-old son is several years younger than my nieces. I can't possibly shop for girly stuff for him. Shopping for my nieces sort of feeds my desire to shop for girls.

You probably have an 11-year-old girl on your shopping list this Christmas, and you're wondering what in the world would make a decent gift that makes her happy. Maybe you're totally baffled or you're a doting relative who has shopped a few times for her before and are browsing around for more great ideas.

Tweens or preteens is a group that likes to follow trends or what their friends are into, fashion and makeup are likely to be something on these young minds. Okay, maybe you have a crafty girl which in this case, a carefully-chosen craft kit would be perfect. Maybe she's a cool girl where a funky gift such as a pair of light-up gloves would be wonderful for her to have fun with.

This means if you have a general idea of what your 11-yr-old girl is into currently or knows where her passions lie in, you are already on the winning side of getting her something she would like.

Worry not if you have no ideas at all! I've put together a list of 5 top gift ideas to help others out, and these ideas are great as both Christmas gifts and Birthday gifts for tween girls.

Makeup Kit

Makeup kits for girls could be something very fun to look into. Many girls couldn't wait to one day grow up and start using makeup as they've seen their mothers do. Well, many girls probably have tried on their moms' makeup with or without their moms' knowledge! ;-)

I remember when I was around this age, my sisters and I secretly took our aunt's makeup kit, hid in a corner, and applied the makeup on our faces. The truth is, we looked more like clowns rather than the glam girls that we imagined we would transform into.

But you might want to check with their parents to see if it's alright for them to be applying makeup at this age. There are mothers who feel that it will be good training for their daughters to start young, and these makeup kits would let them learn to practice applying makeup with the guide from the makeup box set.

The above Fashion Angels Make-up Studio Artist Box-Set is worth checking out and the price is reasonable for the contents included, and it's very popular. This makeup kit is likely to go on lighter on the girls' faces than using their mom's makeup.

If a makeup kit seems a little too much, a set of lip glosses would be well-received too. With different colors to choose from, the tween is gonna have some fun trying them on to look pretty. 

Creative Arts & Crafts Kits

If you know the girl is into handicrafts, bring out her creativity and let her be crafty. There are numerous craft kits out there that stimulate creativity while letting the girl has hours and hours of fun. 

This charm bracelet craft kit is perfect for young girls. The 11-year-old girl can personalize her own bracelets or she can choose to give one bracelet to her best friend.

It reminds me of those days where I used to do friendship bands for my friends in school. It was the craze back then. This charm bracelet set is something similar but definitely much trendier and utterly girly. It gives the girl the chance to be the aspiring jewelry designer where she gets to create 24 beads she loves and to customize a bracelet she will be eager to wear. 

This box set includes all the materials that a girl will need to create two one-of-a-kind bracelets. 

There are so many fabulous girls' arts and crafts kits that make me go, "I'd have loved these craft kits as a girl!" I probably love the arts and crafts kits gift idea the best, because it speaks to the crafty side of me. I'm certainly looking into getting some of these for my nieces. 

Mermaid Tail Blanket

This is sure to get a girl's or woman's attention!

I've heard my sister mentioned months ago that my two nieces were asking her to buy some mermaid tail blankies but she refused, saying that it was expensive from where she saw them. I didn't ask for details but I remember the prices being ridiculous. 

Well, now I've found something much cheaper. This can be a novelty item for your sofa. But it does help to keep the girl's legs and feet warm and cozy. And I just think it would give the girl a chance to imagine that she's the mermaid in her imaginative world of make-believe.

I've even read that a father is using it while he sits on the recliner as this blanket keeps his feet warmer than his usual blanket. 

Song Game

If you want to get the tween girl away from her phone and tablet, getting her this popular song game might do the trick. 

It could be used during family bonding time, or when her girlfriends pop over to her house, or when it's a rainy day and everyone in the house is bored and just wants to do something a little more spontaneous. 

The concept of the game is simple and can reap hilarious results. A word is given, and the player is supposed to sing a song, perhaps a few lines of lyrics containing that word

It doesn't matter if the players can't carry a tune, this game is supposed to be social and give the players a mental workout. More importantly, it's a game to get both the children and adults playing and having fun together. 

Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

 Guess what, these cool gloves look absolutely fun for kids and adults

It doesn't matter that the size might not be the perfect fit for a tween girl. Kids can't stop wearing and playing with these gloves. Some adults after purchasing them as gifts decided to keep them for themselves. 

Imagine in the dark, the tween girl will have a chance to wave colorful lights around and be the life of the party. Even when the lights stop working, these gloves look great as... gloves. So I think this is such cool gift for an 11-year-old. 
I had a blast browsing for gift ideas for tween girls. In fact, I had a hard time deciding which are the best ones as there are so many good ones that attracted me! 11-year-old girls, a good percentage of them would still enjoy playing with toys in the form of board games or craft kits, and that opens up lots more choices to shop for them. 

So go ahead and pick one that attracts you and makes you feel that she would love playing or using it. And I hope you get something that makes her happy!